TrakTec is an Innovator in Custom Tamper Evident, Tamper Resistant and Destructible Labels and Tapes

Tamper evident labels and tapes leave a void mark specific message on the product when removed. Tamper resistant labels and tapes completely deconstruct or immediately deconstruct when tampered with. Destructible labels fragment into small pieces as they are removed. These labels and tapes prevent sample or promotional material from being resold.

Temper Resistant, Temper Evident, Destructible Labels

TrakTec’s security labels can be completely unique to customer specifications.

Our process allows us to customize various label components. Polypropylene can be used for a longer lasting label. Aggressive adhesives can be used for increase package destruction. Markets for TrakTec’s security labels includes: retail, equipment manufacturers, manufacturer samples, and document control.

Benefits of TrakTec’s Security Labels

  • Customization of label components
  • Lower cost per unit by going direct
  • Eco-friendly label construction
  • Reduced lead times