Shelf Talker Glossary Definitions

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Shelf Label
A label including a description, product pricing, SKU number and barcode, located on any retail shelf.

Shelf Marker
Traditionally known as a shelf talker, located on any shelving, cash wraps, gondola’s and end caps.

Shelf Price
Retail pricing of any product displayed on a shelf tag, and/or marked on an item for sale.

Shelf Strips
Another name for a shelf talker, indicating information for the consumer.

Shelf Tag
Attached directly to shelving identifying pricing, unit and retail pricing.

Shelf Talker
A detailed sign drawing consumer’s attention to a specific product where retailer wishes to announce a marketing message. Albeit pricing, nutritional value, product value, store promotional points, etc. Typically located below attached by removable adhesive integral to the label.

Store Layout and Equipment:

A representation showing a layout of merchandise arrangement based on consumer demand and products the retailer is highlighting. Planograms ensure consistency in chain sales which develops a sense of familiarity to the consumer, enhancing the buying experience.

A concaved leading edge on shelving in the retail segment, allowing for signage to be easily displayed and mounted.

Label Terms:

A tool or device used for cutting a desired shape.

Release Liner
The label is attached to the liner typically coated with a liner allowing for easy label removal.

There are many different adhesives, application dictates the adhesive properties. The most common adhesives are; Permanent, Removable, and all temperature.

Face Sheet
The label is the face sheet, there are many materials, application and environment will again dictate the material choice.