TrakTec is a High Volume Manufacturer of Shelf Talker Labels

Shelf talker labels also called “shelf edge labels” draw the consumers’ eye to the particular product on the display shelf dramatically increasing sales. Shelf talker labels have many uses including highlighting the nutritional value of food, showcasing a new product, or increasing sales in aisles that receive less traffic.

The TrakTec Line of Shelf Talkers – Shelf Edge Labels
Shelf Talker Label Glossary

Most manufacturers of shelf talker labels use a “one size fits all approach” when printing labels. These labels are meant to do many things but not one thing particularly well. TrakTec engineers shelf talker labels to each customer’s specific application, leading to a label that works exceedingly well, even at a lower total cost.

You receive Shelf talker labels direct from the manufacturer instead of broker or converter.


TrakTec’s ushelf-talker-labels-by-TrakTecnique manufacturing process eliminates several steps in the supply chain. Other label companies buy label stock from stock label manufacturers and print their labels on the that stock. Our state-of-the-art presses allow us to take raw materials, apply adhesive, laminate and print the label all at once. This greatly lowers cost per unit by eliminating several steps in the pipeline.

Benefits of Shelf Talker Labels

  • Compliments door to door direct mail campaigns with in store messaging
  • Allows new products to standout on store shelves
  • Educates consumers on the benefits of products
  • Increase sales in low traffic areas

Benefits of TrakTec Shelf Talker Labels

  • Environmentally friendly composite construction
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Engineered adhesive solutions
  • Labels available in sheet stock, rolls, and by planograms