TrakTec’s Prime Labels differentiate your products from the competition

Prime Labels Manufactured By TrakTec
“Prime labels” is an industry term for any label that is placed on a product to provide identification, information and branding. Brand name products receive the best shelf space, therefore it is critical to have a high quality label that attracts and informs the customer. TrakTec has years of experience manufacturing such a label.

TrakTec supports the prime label market with a range of capabilities

TrakTec supports a range of capabilities customer orders for prime labels. Our team can assist you in matching the proper material and adhesive for your particular application. We create the highest print quality by manufacturing many of our own raw materials, ensuring artwork, tooling and print compliance, and monitoring the production process throughout the run.

Increasing manufacturing efficiency with prime labels over wet glue

TrakTec works with product manufacturers wanting to switch from wet glue to prime labels to increase the efficiency within their manufacturing process. Our adhesives, inks and materials used in our prime labels are engineered to resist humidity, moisture, cold temperatures and high temperatures. This allows our consumers to place labels on their product earlier in the supply chain.

Benefits of TrakTec’s Prime Labels

  • High photo quality printing
  • Machine or hand applied
  • Range of adhesives and materials available
  • Environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing process
  • Reduced lead times by being direct from manufacturer