TrakTec specializes in low surface energy labels

Low Surface Energy Label Video

Low Surface Energy Label Video

Labels on low energy surfaces can fall off during the life cycle of the product or even during shipping. The lower the surface energy of a material the harder it is for a label to adhere. These and many other issues can be solved by using the right adhesive for the low energy surface.

Standard adhesives bond well with high energy surfaces but not with low energy surfaces. TrakTec has the capability to formulate an adhesive solution and custom label material for your particular application. This is because our process allows us to apply a custom formulated adhesive while simultaneously laminating and printing your label.

TrakTec Engineers a lower cost per unit label

Benefits of using TrakTec Low Energy Surface Labels

  • Custom adhesive formulations for specific surface energy
  • Environmentally friendly composite construction
  • Quality controls on raw materials, as we manufacture many of our own raw materials .
  • Reduction in lead time by going direct, we are a manufacturer.