TrakTec is a Direct Integrated Label Manufacturer

Integrated Label Manufacturer

TrakTec leads the way as an integrated label manufacturer. We have several standard integrated labels configurations but specialize in manufacturing custom integrated labels for customer applications. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to create integrated labels compatible with inkjet and laser printers as well as thermal transfer and direct thermal transfer printers.

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As a direct integrated label manufacturer and not converter or broker, TrakTec produces integrated labels at a competitive cost. Being direct also allows TrakTec to source materials directly from the mill instead of converter allowing for greater quality control as well as match an inventory of facesheets, liners, and adhesives for custom applications.

Integrated Labels for Warehousers / Distributors / Fulfillment

Integrated labels help increase operational efficiency in warehousing by combining packing lists, invoices and fulfillment requests with shipping and return labels.

Integrated Labels for Pharmacies / Medical Industry

Integrated labels allow pharmacies, doctor offices and hospitals to combine written instructions with matching label identification.

Integrated Labels for the Transport Industry

Integrated labels allow the transport industry to combine separate forms into one, pickup documents, bills of lading, and delivery receipts can be combined with tracking labels.

Integrated Labels for Retailers

Retailers use integrated labels to streamline in-house fulfillment processes. Packing lists, shipping and return labels can be printed on one document instead of several.