Custom Integrated Labels to Streamline your Business Processes

Integrated Labels by TrakTec LLC

Integrated Label by TrakTec

Integrated labels are business forms that have the added benefit of having a label or multiple labels attached to them. Instead of printing two separate documents the user can print one. This increases efficiency and reduces errors while ensuring customer satisfaction.

More Information on TrakTec Integrated Label Manufacturing

TrakTec is a leading manufacturer of integrated labels due to our versatility in pairing the right adhesive with the right substrate for a lower total cost label. Our integrated label markets include: Pharmacies, Warehousing / Distribution, Retail, Logistics and Pick and Pack. Our labels are compatible with inkjet, memjet and laser printers. Our manufacturing process allows us to manufacture integrated labels for thermal transfer printing as well.

Benefits of using Integrated Labels

  • Form can include multiple labels
  • Front and back printing capabilities
  • Reduced paperwork = less chance for errors
  • One form utilized from pick to ship and return

Benefits of using TrakTec Integrated Labels

  • Custom label / form materials and adhesives
  • Eco-friendly label construction
  • Quality controls on raw materials, as we manufacture many of our own raw materials
  • Shortened lead time by going direct, we are a manufacturer