Custom Labels: Cut out the Middleman and Save!


TrakTec manufactures a wide variety of high quality custom printed labels at the lowest possible cost. We sell direct to a wide range of industries including freight and distribution, health care, pharmaceuticals, warehousing, retail and more. Unlike the competition, TrakTec brings you through the entire manufacturing process from the paper substrate’s humble beginning as a seedling, to the finished custom label product and shipping. Because we control the entire material and production process, we lower costs and add value to your finished product. When you buy custom pressure sensitive labels direct, you get the best price and the most efficient service.

Custom Printed Labels on any substrate using any adhesive

Simply call us and tell us your specs. We’ll answer most custom label quotes within the hour, unless additional information is needed from other vendors, such as tooling costs or special material costs. All quotes will be answered within 24 hours. Your custom label will be ready between 7 to 10 business days depending on whether new tooling is needed.

VIP Custom Label and Stickers

Available in all formats, rolls, fanfold or sheets! TrakTec custom printed labels can have special characteristics from different face sheets, various sizes, and alternate adhesives, to special designs including extra or special perforations.

Prime Custom Labels

TrakTec water-based labels offer high quality graphics and are designed for high speed, automatic applications. They can be printed on a wide variety of materials including films, foils and paper and have over-varnish or over-laminate protective coatings (standard and UV coatings available). Prime custom printed labels are used in every market segment from food and cosmetic to medical, manufacturing and distribution.

Buying Custom Labels Direct from TrakTec is Easy

We have made it easy and risk free. We know what questions to ask. We’ll walk you through the specification process quickly and efficiently. Within minutes, we’ll identify the right label for your application and get you a quote—usually within the hour.* Unparalleled excellence, the best prices every time—whatever you need, and whenever you need it, at TrakTec we make it easy.

100% Satisfaction on Every TrakTec Label

At TrakTec, we have the experience to fulfill any order, the capacity to produce high quality custom printed labels at competitive cost, as well as personal, knowledgeable customer service to provide fast turnaround times on quotes. And all TrakTec labels include a 100% satisfaction guarantee that covers both the quality of the production and materials. So buy smart. Buy direct. Call 866-752-2357 now!
* Certain custom printed label variables that require unusual tooling, substrates or additional vendors may take more time. All quotes will be answered within 24 hours.